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so…WHAT is newview exactly?

NewView Collective is an award winning club at George Brown College, accredited under the Student Association. The club was founded in 2017, and is run by current students and the founding Alumni.

It is a resource for those who suffer with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and school stress. It is a space where students can seek support and connection with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences.


Meet the NewView founders, as they explain their motivation behind the initiative.

our mission

To facilitate student and alumni-run mental health support groups and events at George Brown College.

our visions

Empowering and strengthening student communities through mental health conversation and mindful human connection.

Connecting like-minded individuals in a space that makes them feel heard and appreciated.

Igniting personal growth and leadership opportunities for students through ongoing participation.


NewView Circles

NewView Circles are peer support groups organized and facilitated by students and alumni. The Circles are structured around relatable topics of the week. These meetings run twice-weekly throughout the Fall and Winter semesters, with a reduced Summer schedule.

The team’s objective is to facilitate frequent meetings on campus that spark meaningful conversations over relatable topics that aren’t typically addressed within the classroom. It is a space for students to come and seek support, while giving back to others by supporting those who need it.

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NewView Open Circle is an event that is Bringing People’s Mental Health Stories to Life through a means of creative expression. The NewView team recruits inspiring individuals with a mental health history to prepare and share a piece of their story with the group. These events attract significantly more attendees than the weekly meetings, and are held in larger spaces.

The purpose of these events is to promote creativity and self-expression as a method of healing and coping with adversity. It is designed to be a safe platform for the speakers to express themselves in a safe space, while motivating and inspiring the attendees with their powerful stories.

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I support this initiative at George Brown College and encourage faculty to assist this group in promoting to students across the campus.
— Tenniel Rock, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W. - Manager, Counselling and Student Wellbeing