“ I have always dreamt of having something like NewView while experiencing difficult times in my life. Since I started attending the meetings, my perspective on mental health has changed internally and externally- as I have met many individuals who I feel I can truly relate to. I wear my NewView Collective bracelet everyday, because it is a reminder that I am never alone, and that we are all proud mental health warriors. "


DOra Tanasoiu

Before NewView, I thought the only way to get help for your mental health was through a one on one counselling or therapy, but after NewView I realized that it is a special and comfortable way to talk about your feelings, your past and your life with a group of non judgemental people who are also looking to talk about maybe the same exact thing your feeling.

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“ Originally, I went to NewView just to support the cause, but as soon as I walked in the room I knew that this was a space that I really needed in my life. A warm welcome from complete strangers is not a normality, but that’s exactly what I got as soon as I walked into that room. At NewView there are no strangers- just community. ”

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Mila nunes

I could go on forever about NewView, but in order for you to truly experience the energy and positive environment these amazing humans have created, you simply have to be there.
NewView isn’t just another support group, it’s a silver lining.

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Amane Abdurhman

The NewView meetings have not only educated me about mental health and allowed me to support my friends and family, but have also given me a deeper understanding of myself. I feel so much lighter after leaving the meetings because they provide me with a space where I know it is safe to talk about anything I am dealing with at the time- whether it is a big or a small issue.

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Emma peters

NewView provides a space where all voices can be heard and respected. I love NewView as it provides a different way to gain emotional support through your mental health journey. In the NewView setting, you are able to realize you are not alone and have the support of other students just like you that deal with similar challenges.

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nicole Chan

NewView is a student support group is a great resource for students. It feels nice to be in an environment where others respect your pain or struggle. It is probably impossible to ask someone to understand what you are going through, but the feeling of being supported is what we all need at any moment.


Video by Gurdas Singh Panesar/The Dialog News, George Brown College

NewView Collective absolutely changed my life, and gave me the community and support I needed so desperately in college. NewView felt like, and will always feel like a family to me. This incredible community is where I found my confidence, my voice, and some of my now closest friends who make it impossible to ever feel alone.
— Katherine K.
NewView has changed my view on mental health by showing me that as a man, it is okay to be vulnerable about how I feel. I no longer feel I have to keep everything bottled up inside.
— Nathaniel A.
NewView will always have a special place in my heart, and I can’t thank the NewView Collective team enough. With this initiative coming to be, beautiful souls continue to blossom— creating extraordinary and meaningful connections with one another by sharing our untold truths that constantly shape who we are.
— Mary M.